Sleep Dentistry with IV Sedation

IV sedation will create a tranquil state of mind, and eliminate the pain and anxiety associated with dental treatment. While sedated, you are deeply relaxed and feel as though you are sleeping although still able to respond to speech and touch. Therefore, IV sedation is commonly referred to as Conscious Sedation.

IV sedation will make any procedure a quick, easy and most importantly, painless experience. Dr. Singleton may recommend IV sedation for certain procedures, such as wisdom teeth removal or comprehensive treatment cases, or for patients who have severe dental fear and anxiety.

Meet our Nurse Anesthetist

David Charnesky, CRNA

David Charnesky graduated from the University of Michigan School of Nursing in 1979. In 1983, he completed the Nurse Anesthetist Program at the University of Michigan Medical School. David has worked in a variety of medical centers, clinics and offices providing anesthesia services. In addition to working with us at Dr. Singleton's, David has provided anesthesia service and education for pediatric and adult cases in a number of third world countries, including Cambodia, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Nigeria.