Braces can be used to correct an improper bite in both children and adults.  Crooked or crowded teeth not only take away from your self confidence, they make your smile more difficult to care for leading to an increased risk for tooth decay.  Don’t let an improper bite interfere with chewing, speaking and self-confidence…you deserve a beautiful smile!

Typical orthodontic treatment cases begin with orthodontic records, which is compromised of a series of diagnostic photographs, xrays and study models.  With these materials, Dr. Singleton can make a treatment plan specific to the needs of each patient's functional and aesthetic needs. While every orthodontic case is different, most cases involve complete upper and lower treatment with traditional materials like brackets, wires and bands. Frequency of visits to our office may vary, but are typically once or twice per month.  At the completion of treatment, a permanent set of retainers will be made. 
Financial requirements can vary, but our office offers a variety of arrangements for payments. With some careful planning, we hope to make orthodontic treatment a reality for anyone wanting or needing it. 
Please browse some before and after photos below.